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Katrina Perdue: What gives you the right to take my rights away?

23″ x 30″
Wool Thread on Disposable Exam Gown, Wire Hanger

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Pickup: 8:00 pm
October 21, 2022
(exhibit closing)
Marshall Arts
639 Marshall Ave
Memphis, Tenn

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Artist’s Biography/Statement:

I started making this piece after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, ending the constitutional right to abortion in the United States. This phrase came to me when I was thinking about our rights as humans in this world — especially in the context of our health, well-being, privacy, and making decisions that impact us in ways that are unique to our own lives. It is our right to have a CHOICE when making these decisions.

Katrina Perdue is a textile artist and educator living and working in Memphis, Tennessee. Her love for hand stitching has grown over the past twenty years from first learning machine sewing, quickly followed by hand knitting, and most recently to a full time studio practice focusing on the art and impact of mending and repair. She was selected to be a textile studio assistant at Penland School of Craft for a summer 2019 mending workshop, a 2020 Arts Memphis ArtsAccelerator Grantee, and an adjunct instructor of Textiles at the University of Memphis. She also works at Five in One Social Club in Memphis as a workshop assistant and instructor.

Katrina was born and raised in the MidWest, spent several years living in the MidAtlantic, and now calls Memphis — the heart of the MidSouth — home.

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