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Teresa Click: Queen Bee

20” x 16”
Acrylic on Canvas

50% Donation

Pickup: 8:00 pm
October 21, 2022
(exhibit closing)
Marshall Arts
639 Marshall Ave
Memphis, Tenn

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Artist’s Biography/Statement:

Born and raised in Memphis, Tesse Evette took twelve years to explore living in other parts of the country before recently returning to the Memphis Area. She has struggled with maintaining health her entire life due to Lupus. Although she has aged beyond needing to make reproductive decisions, her auto-immune issues were strongly considered in her past reproductive decisions…as was pregnancy created through rape. Because of her past experience, she is aware of the stigma family and society attach to unplanned pregnancies, the financial difficulties of raising a child by yourself, and the painful decision to not bring one into the world due to the hardship it would put onto the one she was already raising. She is grateful she had the right to make the best decisions for her and her family during her child-bearing years and incensed that right is being denied today’s women.

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