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Sharon Havelka: VESSELS

42” x 34” x 13”
Hand and Machine Quilted; Recycled Clothes and Remnants

50% Donation

Pickup: 8:00 pm
October 21, 2022
(exhibit closing)
Marshall Arts
639 Marshall Ave
Memphis, Tenn

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Artist’s Biography/Statement:

Hand Stitched and machine quilted “in the ditch” and “free motion” technique, and shaped From various materials collected over the years. For the front – second hand store red skirt, bit of blue placemats my friend gave me, my husband’s worn down gray shirt, my grandmother’s old stash of peach upholstery fabric and rose material, and my aunt’s black flowery upholstery material using both front and back. For the back – my grandmother’s blue material she had used to make special dresses.

About being a container, to nest and nurture, motherhood.

Fiberart International 2022, Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA. 2022

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