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Kat Gilland: Dominion

30″ x 84″
Mixed Media

50% Donation

Pickup: 8:00 pm
October 21, 2022
(exhibit closing)
Marshall Arts
639 Marshall Ave
Memphis, Tenn

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Artist’s Biography/Statement:

“On the day she was born the battle began for who would have Dominion over her body.”

I use primarily recycled, and reclaimed materials in my work.

I work in Photography, Printmaking, Painting, Sculpture, Mixed-Media and more. The material determines the process and occasionally the theme.

I earned my BFA in Printmaking and Photography with a minor emphasis in ceramics and sculpture in 1999. Although my work has been mostly personal for years I’m ready to start creating again.

I am a strong supporter of Bodily Autonomy. Abortion rights are human rights. No woman should be forced to give birth. No soul should be forced into a body at birth. Our souls should be able to enter the body they were meant for.

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